I’m hoping to begin to use this blog to interview a wide variety of people.  If you have suggestions of people you would like me to try and interview, or voices you would like to hear on this blog, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  Here are the interviews I have done thus far:

  • They Continued Regardless” (20/Feb/11): a conversation with Jemma Tosh about her book, The Body and Consent in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Medicine: A Therapeutic Rape Culture.
  • Jesus, Mammon, and the Impossible Presence of the Kingdom of God” (20/Jan/14): an interview with Hollis Phelps regarding his book, Jesus and the Politics of Mammon.
  • Creation to Empire and Back Again” (16/Dec/02): an interview with Wes Howard-Brook regarding two of his books which explore the”religion of creation” and the “religion of empire” as they are expressed within the biblical canon, the intertestamental period, and the first five centuries of Christianity.
  • Spectres of Paul” (15/Jun/13): an interview with Neil Elliott regarding his life and writings related to Paul and Empire.
  • The Counter-Revolution of 1776” (15/Jan/15): an interview with Gerald Horne regarding his book on slave resistance and the origins of the United States of America.
  • What Is a Paulinist To Do?” (14/Oct/30): an interview with Ward Blanton regarding his philosophical reading of Paul.
  • In Praise of iDollatry” (12/Sept/10): an interview with Davecat and Sidore, regarding meaning, value, identity, and belonging.
  • Imperialist Canada” (11/Jan/27): an interview with Todd Gordon, a political science professor and social justice activist.
  • “”A Meeting with Thanatos” (11/Jan/03): an interview with a “Real Life Super Hero” who operates in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.
  • On Marxism and Theology” (10/Dec/24): an interview with Roland Boer, a noted Marxist theologian and biblical scholar from Australia.
  • Abe and the Commonists” (09/Apr/23): an interview with a member of an “intentional Christian community” in London, Ontario.

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