I am a multitude.

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  1. DAN!!! How are things? I’m in my second year teaching in North York. This year Keith Brooks joined the staff. We were talking about beards and Your stinky tree planting beard came up. He said, ‘You know Dan Oudshorn?’ So, he mentioned your blog and the crack at the new monastacism living (you mentioned you were thinking about it to me before you went off to B.C.. I’m glad you attempted it. Don’t bury the idea). Where are you these days? Lets talk soon!
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Steve!!!
    Forget the stinky beard, remember the monkey-boob knees? Those things stayed swollen for over a year, and they still give me pain.
    Congrats on the teaching job! Last I remember you had just started teachers’ college… man, it has been awhile.
    Say ‘hi’ to Keith for me, and tell him he needs to rethink his views on sexuality.
    I’ll try to send you an email soon. Peace,

  3. Hello Dan, found yoiu thru another blog. Identified wtih your posting on your…frustrations? failures? anyway, live dn here in Wash on whidbey isle and have experienced may of the same things. I am 56 and have been involved in all kind of ‘ministries, etc. anyway, saying hello, will keep in touch. We occasionaly get up to Van. Are you part of any group or church? best to you and yours, daniel

  4. daniel:
    Thank you very much for this comment. I hope that you do keep in touch, as I would be interested to hear some more about your journey. Next time you make it to Van, leave me a note, and perhaps we can get together for a meal and a conversation (perhaps even a pint, if that’s one of your pleasures in life).
    I am a part of a church congregation — it’s called Mosaic (based upon the idea that we are all broken people, but that God can take those broken pieces and make us, both individually and corporately, into something beautiful) and it focuses on being a community for street-involved people. I also work and volunteer in some social service agencies (whose names I don’t mention on this blog).
    Lastly, I just added another post to my ‘failure’ category (On Hopelessness), and I would be curious to hear what you think when you read the quote from Stegner (if you have the time to read that post — no pressure though!).
    Grace and peace,

  5. love your blogging dan. your work on fear is so helpful. i teach literature and worldview studies at briercrest college. gonna point some of my students in your direction …

  6. Hello Sean,
    Thanks for the comment and the encouragement. If you point any of your students this way, let them know I’d love to hear their thoughts or comments.
    I’d be curious to hear what you teach in ‘worldview studies’ — that term seems broad enough to include all sorts of interesting categories.

  7. Helo from whidbey Island a litle ways below you, is there a way to subscribe to your blog? and if you answer this will it come in a e-mail? I am a little new at this, thanks and best daniel

  8. my first posts to a blog, all 3 here, amazing. Well I read your first post on failing and I was taken back to so many of our own ‘failures.’ My wife and i were directly involved in many ‘intentional communities’ and ‘missions’ (sorry for all the ‘quotes’),stayed in contact with many others over the years. I could have written your post almost word for word 30 yrs ago! We are still friends with and keep in touch with many of the folks from the old days. We also worked with homeless, drug abusers, sex workers, teen runaway shelters, Catholic workers, native american children, and for a few yrs i was the social therapy co-ordinator for the black prisoner caucus in a Wash, St. prison. I couldn’t begin to recount all the mistakes and failures! Now my wife and i are in our late 50’s and still keeping an eye for where we might be of service. And we still keep in touch with some of the successes. Well i won’t be presumptious enough to offer any advice and i apologise for the length. so blessings to you and your wife and if we get up to Vancouver we will send you a note and if your ever dn here by whidbey isle be sure and look us up! best, daniel

  9. hi 🙂
    so happy to find your blog; i remember those knees, it wasn’t stinky beard was it? wasn’t it stinky hair?
    i have a lot of catching up to do… looks like you’re blog will be my late night reading.
    can’t wait! send me your number would love to chat and catch up!
    Andrea Earl
    ps. i’m out east finishing my m thesis and working at the uni (ssu), and still a great admirer of the poor 🙂 a friend just stuffed a jon sabrino article in my hand just as i left the uni… ‘redeeming globalization through its victims’… have you read it? miss you my friend! wished i could have been at the wedding!

  10. Hey Dan! I’m excited that you’ve agreed to be involved with Tuesday’s chapel. Can you email me so that we can talk more about it? Thanks!

  11. I guess this is a little bit random but I got to hear about you and your work and studies from your brother Josh via a gaming website we both frequent (strange ol’ world eh?)
    Anyway, I haven’t had a full chance to look at all that you’re doing/saying but my initial reaction was one of huge challenge and fascination.
    I have just started my doctoral studies here in England at London School of Theology on (the broad theme of) Evangelical atonement theory/practice.
    I’d like to be kept up to date with your work/plans – do you have a newsletter or somesuch?
    I wish you God’s richest blessing in all that you’re doing over there…
    Martyn Smith – England

    • Hey Martyn,
      Random, yes, but I reckon that’s one of the nifty things about this whole blogging thing. Sorry to say that I don’t have any sort of newsletter the details what I and others are involved in. Just my blog really, and I don’t talk too much about my work here, due to confidentiality issues.
      Hope all goes well for you at LST. I’m thinking about relocating to jolly old England for PhD studies as well so, who knows, maybe we’ll be neighbours one day.

  12. Have you looked at Faith and Theology blog recently and the postings on Stringfellow? I imagine you’ve read him (I have not) but if you haven’t, he might be helpful for you…

    • Roger,
      Yes, I was introduced to Stringfellow about four years ago, and I’ve been reading him on-and-off ever since. If you’re interesting in reading him, I would recommend An Ethic For Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land.

  13. Just got sent your blog address by someone who only identified himself as Abe. I’d written a brief post about an article of yours that appeared in the New Zealand journal, Stimulus, back in 2006. I commented on my blog that I couldn’t find much out about you so it’s good to find your blog and the information and discussions on it.

  14. dan, where are you located? Something I read somewhere suggests it could be Vancouver. I was at Regent 1981-86 and I get down there from time to time.

  15. hello dan,
    my name is daeshin. dont really know what to say except that i have only read one of your posts so far about journeying with the poor, but i think that i am already hooked. i really enjoy your writing style and your Christian perspective.
    i hope to continue to read, interact and learn from your blog and your postings. thank you for sharing your life experiences, your thoughts, and your friendly, interesting writing talent.

  16. Hey Dan – Talk about globalization… I just got off a skype call with my friend Tom Smith in South Africa, and he directed me to your blog, despite the fact that I live in Vancouver. (Delta, to be exact.) Please drop me an email sometime.

  17. Like many others above me, I would like to get in touch with you via email. I have been reading (and often enjoying) your blog for sometime. One of your recent posts touched a nerve and I would really like to talk about some things, but not for the world to see.

  18. Hey Dan, I was at an Epiphaneia conference a few months ago, and I really liked what I heard there. I was thinking about it the other day and really wanted to hear it again. I was wondering if you had a recording or transcript or something. I also heard you were at the previous years conference, and was wondering if you had a recording/transcript of that year too. Thanks

  19. Curious. Only read a couple of entries, but it made me wonder about your thoughts on women in ministry – preaching, teaching & all that. Would love to hear. Thanks.

  20. Hey Dan. I’m not sure if we ever met (because I couldn’t find your last name anywhere on the site), but I came across your blog when I googled “campolo ‘fuck'”. I really enjoyed the posts I have read. I graduated from Regent in 2008 and my wife and I were so jacked up by the Regent experience (especially the Eckblad, Diewert, and Ringma experience) that we are now living in Haiti with a rabble of orphans and street kids as well as our own biological kids. We help families at risk start arts & crafts based businesses so that they don’t have to abandon their kids to orphanages. Art and poverty and mission and heat and goats and beautiful people who have nothing and everything all at once… pack that in a blender and that’s my life. Everybody wants the breath of Christ, until they realize it will probably come to them through somebody with dental problems. Everybody wants to see and touch Jesus until they find out that touching him might involve contact with contaminated blood, or the drippy coughings of a neglected child.
    As for your work with empire, powers, etc. Have you read Boyd’s “God at War”? great stuff.

  21. Dan, I’d love to talk with you more about liberation theology stuff. Blog responses are way too short, and I’d like to talk with some space to talk. Shoot me an email if you get a chance.

  22. Hello, Dan
    This is Paulo Brabo from Brazil. I discovered your blog some weeks ago as I was searching for… who knows? Derrida, maybe.
    Anyway, I’ve started (without your permission) to translate your The Church and Capitalism series into Portuguese. The very first entry is already up in my blog. If you agree I shouldn’t stop translating, I would like to give you more credit than “Dan” and the link to your website.
    Do you have a surname in real life?

  23. I’ve bought into everything that everyone was selling, and all but forgotten about God until I came upon your writing again. He never came around, your God… And I had been wretched and looking to be reconciled with Him, but everyone said it would be better to go to therapy and continue with a Plan and work thirty hours a week and be happy. And I believed it. Reading this reminds me it’s not enough. It opened a can of worms. Which is good. Thank you.

  24. Brother,
    It’s been a very long time. Not sure if we’ll cross paths, would be great if we could. Thanks for your time, so many years ago, in a crucial stage of my life and growth. You were used in directing me to good places.
    I’m married, living in Chicago, going to school. Congrats on your marriage and your son.
    Peace brother.
    Michael Johnson
    now in Chicago, IL

  25. Dan! Vegas (Huh. I forget that he is not Vegas to all–then, I think, Chris is his given name. Yes, that should clarify things) is cobbling together another proposal for his work (addiction/treatment), and I’d fervently like to pass along your “Commodification of Youth” post. It, really, is my GIFT to him, though I did nothing but sit slack-jawed in front of my screen and read it, mesmerized.
    And so, I ask: (a) is this okay with you? He’ll cite accordingly, of course; and (b) if it is, indeed, okay with you–can I have the link? You have a great many posts–bushels and bushels. A big WHACK of posts.

  26. Hi Dan,
    I’m a student in the UK, currently studying in London. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much your blog has meant to me. I’ve always had an interest in the homeless, but it wasn’t until I read your writing that my more metaphysical traditional evangelicalism was blown away by the reality of what Christ would have us do. I’m planning towards working with the homeless now, and moving into a poor neighbourhood far removed from the affluent town I grew up in. I’m scared, to be honest, but to return to a place like my home town would seem like the insane thing to me now.
    This path has taken its toll on you, if the last few posts are anything to go by. But I hope this will give you encouragement of some sort. Feel free to delete it if you don’t want it on the comments page – it was the only way I could find to get in contact.

  27. Hi Dan, I might be blind from sitting at the computer desk for 10 hours a day as I am writing up my PhD, but I cannot find your citations – to start with – can I cite your paper? In particular, i am interested in Communicating meaning …. but I can’t find your full name or proper citation for it. Regards Katya (Russian from Australia)

  28. You’d better complete that book. It sounds great!
    You can thank Chris Tilling’s blog for linking to yours, since that’s how I found you. I go to Duke Divinity and had seen him at Campbell’s conference for “Deliverance of God”. My friends and I think you’re awesome; keep up the good work!

  29. Hi Dan,
    Robin Parry made reference on his blog to your critique of Tom Wright’s eschatology in a blog post a few years. I’m interested to read this, can you please forward me the link?

  30. Total shot in the dark here…we spoke briefly a couple of years ago via email, but I think my email went down, and then I lost touch. I operate a small homeless fellowship in the midwestern US. You may not be in the headspace to chat much, and if that’s true I totally understand. But, I would really love to talk via email occasionally. Nothing bug, just inetrested in exploring this journey a bit with someone that seems to see things similarly to myself. If that is interesting to you, let me know. No pressure. [email protected]

  31. Dan,
    Are you a member of a First Nation? I want to repost your blog at Postcolonial Theology Network but they only post post-colonial authors.

  32. Dan,
    Can you give me an email…I’ve got a pitch to send your way.
    Steve Heinrichs
    Settler-Indigenous Relations, Mennonite Church Canada