Articles, Presentations and Papers

  • “On Refusing Settler Demands for Reconciliation.” A sermon I shared at Sanctuary London on June 6, 2021 (here).
  • “They Continued Regardless: Discussing a Therapeutic Rape Culture with Jemma Tosh” in The Journal of Psychology, Gender, & Trauma (1: July 2020): 8-22 (here).
  • “A Crash Course on Settler Colonialism in Canadian-Occupied Territories.” A paper I presented at a community event called “Listening to Learn: Learning to Listen” on November 9, 2019 (here).
  • “Sex Work is Real Work: A Guide to Taking Sides.” A Position Statement, with supporting context and research, written at the behest of a local group trying to negotiate their way through contemporary politics related to sex work. April, 2019 (here).
  • “Homelessness, Toxic Masculinity, White Supremacy, and the Trauma of Love.” A contribution to a panel presentation hosted by Sarnia Speak on March 28, 2019 (here).
  • “Kindness and the Trauma of Love: Developing Community in Social Services Increasingly Dominated by a Medical Model of Care.” A paper I presented as a workshop at CAST Canada’s Grounding Trauma: Challenging Paradigms conference on April 18, 2018 (here).
  • “Anti-Oppression Action: Flight, Infiltration, Criminality & Non/violence.”  A series of thesis co-authored by Alex Hundert and I; presented as a workshop at the Cahoots Festival on June 10, 2017 (here).
  • “”A Faceless People On This Land”: Exploring the Christian History of Mohawk Institute.”  History paper completed March 12, 2017 (here).
  • “”How can I be healthy when I’m already dead?” Confronting the dominance of the medical model within social services with an oppression-informed analysis.” A paper I presented a the Streetlevel Ontario conference in London ON, Oct 2015 (here).
  • “Outlaw Justice for Settlers.” Syndicate 1 (May/June 2014), 120-26. A response to Theodore W. Jennings, Jr.’s recent book, Outlaw Justice: The Messianic Politics of Paul. (Available online, with further conversation with Jennings, here.)
  • “A Call to Abundant Life: A Manifesto Against Death”.  A paper I presented at a “pub theology” gathering hosted by Nexus in Kitchener, ON, in Nov 2012 (here).
  • “Ideology Lecture.” A lecture I delivered for a graduate-level course entitled “Solidarity, Resistance, and Liberation” that was taught in Vancouver’s downtown eastside in the summer of 2012 (here).
  • In the Winter of 2011-2012, I was hired as a consultant with a church in Sarnia, ON, that was running a homeless shelter and had been ordered to shut down by the city.  I produced a report for the church that significantly changed what was happening and how it was happening.  The shelter is still running (here).
  • “Going to Die: On Staging Losing Conflicts with the Powers”.  A Palm Sunday sermon preached at “The Story” in Sarnia, ON, in April 2012 (here).
  • “A Response to Viewing “Beyond the Blues: Child and Youth Depression””.  An extended version of the response I gave while participating in a panel of respondents who viewed this film at the Sarnia Justice Film Festival in November 2011 (here).
  • “The Poverty Industry and the Early Assemblies of Jesus-Followers: Seven Provocative Contrasts”.  A guest lecture I delivered for a course taught for Christian Social Service Workers offered at the Yonge Street Mission in Toronto in November 2011 (here).
  • “Reading Paul in the Context of Empire: Roman Imperialism, Pauline Resistance, and Contemporary Implications”.  A guest lecture I delivered for a graduate course offered by Regent College (UBC, Vancouver) in July 2010 (see here).
  • “Solidarity and Resistance in New Creation Communities”. A paper I presented at the “Shared Space” conferenc in London Ontario in Mar 2010 (here).
  • “Confronting Stereotypes Regarding Street-involved Youth”.  A paper I presented to a group of third year nursing students at the University of Western Ontario in Mar 2010 (here).
  • “Abandoning Our Home Amongst Impotent Powers: Pursuing New Creation in Solidarity with the Poor”. Presentation delivered at the Evolving Church Conference in Mar 2009 (here).
  • A response to Stanley Hauerwas’ plenary address at the Evolving Church Conference in Mar 2009 (here).
  • “Is Christian Scholarship Accountable to The Poor?”, a slightly revised version of my opening remarks at a forum I participated in at Regent College on November 13, 2008 (see here).
  • “An Invitation to Conversion”. Chapel address at Regent College, Nov 2008 (here).
  • “The Church and Capitalism”. Major research paper, Nov- Dec 2007 (Part I-I.1, Part I.1 (cont.), Part I.2, Part II-II.1, Part II.1 (cont.), Part II.2, Part III-III.1, Part III.2, Part III.3, Part IV-IV.1, Part IV.2, Part IV.3, Part V).
  • “Who Do You Say That I Am? Jesus as an Apocalyptic, Social, and Charismatic Prophet” published on the website of my professor, Dr. Bob Ekblad (see here).
  • “Communicating Meaning: Speaking Religion with G. Lindbeck, M. Heidegger, and U. Eco”. Paper, Mar 2006 (here).
  • “Speaking Christianly in the Midst of Babel: Christian living as the exegesis of the gospel proclamation after the end of history” in Stimulus: The New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice 14.1 (Feb 2006): 14-24 (see here).
  • “How Open is this Table? Celebrating the Eucharist in light of Jesus’ proclamations of forgiveness, warnings of judgement, and practice of table-fellowship”. Paper, Dec 2005 (see here).

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  1. On “Is Christian Scholarship Accountable to the Poor?”
    great title:
    My friend signs some emails off with the footer:
    “nobody gets into heaven without a reference letter from the poor.”
    I think he means Matt25:31, sheep and goats.

  2. Dan,
    My name is Bill Wilder and I came across your review of NT Wright’s view of Hell. Found it very helpful. I would love to catch up over email or phone and discuss some of your thinking on Christian universalism. I am a recovering fundamentalist and a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary where I received a MDiv and MA in Marriage and FAmily therapy….Anyway…if interested let’s catch up..

  3. Hi Dan,
    I also came upon your article on NT Wright’s Surprised by Hope. I loved it and wanted to thank you. I have been on a theological journey over the last several years and have come to a place of hopeful Christological universalism. Bless you, Pete

  4. Hi Dan
    Thanks for your blog.
    I’m a recent convert to hopeful universalism and wonder how you have coped with owning convictions which are at odds with trad views. I am finding that being in a minority is a difficult thing. My church background is conservative/(mild)charismatic. I’m wondering whether it’s best to ignore criticism, snagged with it or move house! : ). If you have time to respond I’d greatly appreciate it. All the best. Al (from uk).

    • Hi Al,
      IMHO, it depends what you are trying to get out of the situation. If you’re sticking around because you think anybody is going to change his or her mind, you can probably forget about that.
      If you’re a sucker for punishment, feel free to engage the criticism all you want but it probably won’t get you anywhere (although, over time, it may gain you some respect, depending on how well you respond to the criticism or how well your response is perceived by the critics).
      The route that probably will be easiest on you, if you want to stick around, is to simply ignore the criticisms (as hard as that may be at times).
      That said, now that you’ve made the leap on this point, I suspect that the gap will continue to grow between you and your “conservative/(mild)charismatic” background, so you may want to move house. I imagine that such a move may be in the cards for you in the future anyway.
      I don’t know if that’s any help… all the best, eh?

  5. Dan
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your comments are very helpful. I’m actually part of a church plant in the north of England with new frontiers (a UK family of churches). But the more I venture theologically from the fold the more I am undergoing changes in terms of my view of church life, mission etc to the point that the two (their focus and mine) are becoming incompatible. Today I read Atonement and Incarnation by Vernon White. Think uou might like it. btw, Have you written anything on Universal Reconciliation? I couldnt find anything on uour blog except in your review of Surprised by Hope. All the best and thanks again.

  6. Thanks Dan. Looks good. I read The Evangelical Universalist a few weeks ago. And emailed Robin Parry (George Macdonald) with a few questions, which he was kind enough to answer. Thanks again. Al

  7. Dan
    I wonder if I could ask just one more question.
    You mentioned in a reply to someone that you and he probably have different understandings of Original Sin. I wondered if you could elaborate on your current understanding a little. If you don’t have time no worries. All the best. Al

  8. Al, I have many books and lots of free articles I will happily recommend if you like. I have been on this tyeological journey for about 6 years now 🙂
    Email me at [email protected] if you want to


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