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With Soft Hands

Even good-hearted men fantasize about killing women
I thought to myself as John Darnielle sang about
Going to Georgia
And I found myself getting a little more sad
Thinking about all the sensitive indie musicians
Who have identified with serial torturer-murderer-rapists
In songs intended to be both provocative
And caring and sweet
Nick Cave and Jack
Will Sheff and the Austin Yogurt Shop killer

(And oh my god
Sufjan Stevens too
If we factor in the sweetest song ever written
About a man who raped and murdered at least thirty-three
Young men and teenage boys
But of whom Sufjan says
That’s me, I’m him)

All these beautiful, shy-boy misogynists
(or closeted homo-antagonists?)
With soft hands
Dewy eyes
Gentle voices
So patient and attentive
They display their vulnerability
only partially ashamed
But doing their best to not be like
Other MenTM
Wanting you to feel safe and comfortable
So that you’ll fuck them
At the very least
Freeze up
Not say no
Not stop them
From fucking you

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