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An Ode to Winters Past and Present

The houses in this neighbourhood are bought and sold not rented

To single parents who made the mistake

—Of wanting to help more than they wanted to make money

——Never realizing that only fools see that as an either/or

—Or who simply made the mistake

——Of getting married


The homeowners in this neighbourhood don’t walk, they all drive cars

—But a lot of hybrids because they care about the environment

And the most dangerous time to be about on foot

—Is when they’re picking their kids up from school

—Or dropping them off

—Because everyone is in a hurry

——To get to work and pay their mortgages and car payments


The sidewalks in this neighbourhood are rarely plowed

And although homeowners are responsible for clearing the 20 feet of sidewalk in front of their houses

—They mostly don’t

And so I slip and slide

—Flail and pirouette

—Laugh like a maniac when I make a particularly good recovery

—And curse like a father (“dangit!” or “Yowza!” or “Freaking heck!”) when my elbow

——Or knee

——Or Ass

———Hits the ground

As I carry the kids to school

Then wend my way to work

—Because even though I have pneumonia

—And the kids are old enough to walk

——I won’t make em when it’s especially cold

———(Memories of my own childhood prevent me)

———(So I put em in snowsuits and wrap em in blankets and carry one in each arm, with my hands locked across my stomach)

—And rent is due on Monday

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