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Tzim Tzum Link

My favourite blog commenter, Daniel Imburgia, and I have begun to exchange a series of questions that we will be posting on our blogs.  Daniel has submitted the first post, wherein he asks me about my experience and understanding of the Jewish concept of Tzim Tzum, over at his blog.  Here’s the link, for any who are interested.  I’ll be posting Daniel’s answers to my questions here in the near future (I mean, really, how long does it take to answer ten basic questions?).

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  1. Just a quick note: It has become critically important that before I submit my answers to DanO’s question that readers watch the documentary/movie I made back in 1994 titled “The Thing In Itself.” I just finally got it digitized and am trying to download it on to Youtube. I make some references to the movie so It’s best that one can access it. It really is a horrific movie so I apologize in advance. For example, one whole part of the movie is a young 8 yr old girl reading “Kan’t critique of Judgement,” without preparation, under a bare lightbulb. For those of you who are FB friends with me you can virtually meet her, her name is Shena (Van Spronsen) Nightingale, a very talented singer, performer, actress, all grown up now and soon to be discovered. Another section of the movie deals with the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the back of a highway sign in Sunnyside Washington. I filmed the phenomena, interviewed devotees, doubters, priests and highway dept.workers, AND providentially, Eric Estrada from the TV show CHIPS was in town doing some motivational speaking at the local high school! And so it goes. Not making excuses just asking for some forebearance. Obliged, Daniel

  2. Hey DanO, yes both the movie Apocalypto and ZN Hurston are research. To be honest this project has brought back memories of writing papers back in my university days. I always did 10 times the research necessary and not always with a good result. Right now I am trying to edit down from around 20 pages to about 8. All that I need is to delve a bit deeper into certain sections of the Talmud, get a better handle on Hittite creation narratives, finish a great biography on Padre Pio, and learn to read Aramaic and I will zip something off to you. About 2 weeks or less i would guess. Thanks so much for your patience. praying all is well, obliged.

  3. Hey DanO, well i can’t say that I have finished but like with any work of art I have stopped working on our project about meaning. I emailed it this morning in case you don’t check your email too often. I am assuming that others around the world are working on this as well and I look forward to their, and your answers to these questions too. Thanks for the challenge and the opportunity, obliged, Daniel.