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Worst Title Ever?

I recently found this amongst donations in a church library.  I challenge anybody to come up with a better title and cover page for a Christian book (in other news, I think Ratzinger distributed this one to priests throughout his empire).

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    • Forgive me, I’m just an occasional visitor to this blog, so I should probably hold my peace, but I want to agree with Dan, who has addressed one of my ongoing peeves about blogs. White text on a black/dark background is never easy on the eyes. I frequently mutter, “why? why?” when reading blogs formatted thus. The only thing worse is some bright color, like orange, on a black background. Shudder.
      Honestly, I’m already losing my ability to focus on this text, after just a couple of minutes on the site.

  1. Bless you Marcie! Ahhh….that’s so much easier on my tired old peeps and so much less pretentious than the other format too, grazie DanO. I see your mixing it up over at Craig’s again, Oy vey, you ought to take a break and go on one of those eco-tours I mentioned over there, that kind of discourse will blanche ones soul. And just what did you say that got your comment removed? I hope he doesn’t expunge me though, and takes my advice about Tennessee Williams movie “Suddenly Last Summer.” though I was just funnin with him. Well, I pray all is well and as it should be, be blessed and obliged, Daniel.

  2. Well, I’ll be danged if Craig didn’t expunge me too and call me a troll! Well, I don’t go where I aint wanted, I dropped in over there from a FB post by Jesus Radicals. Anyway, i posted it over on my blog and perhaps you will post your own excissions here too, obliged, Daniel.