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  1. Well, DanO, on behalf of all Americans I accept your apology though I am really tempted to hold you entirely responsible for the now assured planetary slide into a Kapitalistic hellscape of smudge filled skies and rising tides of toxic jetsam that overwhelms the last teeming ghettos of radioactive mutant survivors clinging to their guns, Hillsong cd’s, and thomas Kincaid giclee prints. Others have mentioned a screen play and I hear that Mel Gibson is making a film on the Maccabees (he plays Judah the Hammer), perhaps he might be interested in this project now that he has exculpated himself of his drunken anti-semitic tirades?
    Seriously, one wonders where Jesus and Christianity would be if Jesus’s lesser known 2 older brothers, Ben-Owniy and Ben-Bazak, had succeeded in their various plans for overthrowing Roman rule in Palestine? Ben-Owniy’s plan was to blow up falafel stands in Jerusalem jointly owned by Herod and Pilate until they surrendered (turns out Herod just put him on the board of directors and gave him stock options and they were never heard from again). Ben-Bazak’s alternative plan was to become a super-duper Roman and then work his way up to becoming Cesare and destroy Rome from the inside out (perhaps GWBush could have taught courses on that at Tyndale?). In any event, it’s not too late to switch your studies from a degree in theology to a more productive MBA! Then get yourself a job in public relations, buy a hybrid Prius and plant a few carbon offsetting trees every time you jet off to a ski trip in Vale–hey, It works for the rest of us! I just don’t want to see you end up like Simon Bar Kochba after the 3rd failed Jewish revolt of 135. They found his last letters some years ago in the cave where he died. He was wounded, abandoned by most all of his followers and he wrote bitterly of cowardice and betrayal. One of the last letters complains about some of the ‘Christians’ who refused to take up arms against the empire. Of course, those Jesus-woosies still died along with the rest of the militant revolutionaries (terrorists from Rom’e point of view) and all the other 500,000 innocents slaughtered. Bar Kochba (son of Light) was subsequently despised by other Jews after his failure and they changed his name to Bar Kozeba (son of lies). All of this is to say that this resistance business is dangerous, take care dear brother, obliged, Daniel.
    ps. In Hebrew Bar-Owniy means, ‘Flash of light’ and Ben Bazak means, ‘son of sorrow.’