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A Daughter

A week ago, Ruby Violet Beloved was born.  Like her brother, Charlie, she was born at home, but unlike Charlie the labour was relatively short and Ruby was born in the water (also unlike Charlie, she actually sleeps, only cries when she is hungry, and is pretty much the perfect baby).  All is well with my wife and our daughter.
The other day, I think she looked me in the eye, gave me the finger, and pissed her pants all at the same time.  This could get interesting if that sort of thing continues into her teenage years…

(I will now return to my regular irregular blogging routine.)

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  1. Let me offer the Birkhat Ha‑Gomel blessing for childbirth: “Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the Universe, Who bestows good things on the unworthy, and has bestowed on me every goodness.” Congratulations, and you know, one more child and I conservatives (republicans) will start sounding like they make a lot more sense. By the time you have 5 kids you’ll be slapping a Sarah Palin bumper sticker on your Prius! Until then, every blessing to you and your wife.