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Talking with Evangelicals about Sexuality

A little over a month ago, the kind folks over at Bridging the Gap invited me to participate in a ‘synchroblog’, wherein various contributors would reflect in one way or another on matters related to Christianity and homosexuality.
At that time, I decided to abstain because, to be honest, I’ve got a bit of shortfuse with (mostly Conservative and Evangelical) Christians when it comes to these things.
However, I find myself compelled to engage these Christians on this topic and here is the reason why I do so:
In my ten years of working with street-involved and homeless youth, I have gotten to know a good many youth who were physically and sexually abused and then abandoned (or driven to run away) solely because of their sexual orientation.  Further, I know that this experience is not unique to homeless and street-involved youth — I have many friends in the LGBT community who have had similar experiences, but who had other supports in their lives, and so were able to avoid the street.  The catch is that most of those engaging in the abuse of non-heterosexual youth appear to be Conservative or Evangelical Christians.  Almost every kid I have known who has come to the street due to abuse related to his or her sexuality has told me that s/he comes from a Christian family.
This is what compels me to dialogue with Evangelicals and Conservative Christians about sexuality.  Just as we will always need John Schools (to teach men about the realities of sex work), we will always need those willing to tell Evangelicals and other Conservative Christians that it is not okay to beat, rape and abandon your children — no matter what their sexual orientation.

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  1. All very true. The church has a rich history of messing with peoples sexuality (be they straight or otherwise).


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