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Charles (my son!)

Last night my wife gave birth to our first child.  Turns out that he is a boy.  Charles.  He is healthy and well, and weighed in at seven pounds, two ounces.  Mom is also healthy, after labouring for 18hrs.  We did a home water birth with the assistance of a few midwives, a friend, and my mother.
I have never felt anything like the way I feel now.  I have never felt happier.  I have never felt more at peace.  I have never felt more in love.  It’s indescribable.

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  1. A great gift from God! As you journey with Charles and raise and teach him, you will find God reveals so much to you and allows many things to come into perspective. Especially life. Enjoy every moment with him…they grow up so fast.

  2. Prepare yourself!
    Parenthood led me to love in a way that shattered and splintered my world into beautiful, tiny pieces.
    Congratulations to both you and your wife as you embark on this new and incredible journey together!

  3. congratulations, and a poem by William Blake:
    Infant Joy
    “I have no name:
    I am but two days old.”
    What shall I call thee?
    “I happy am,
    Joy is my name.”
    Sweet joy befall thee!
    Pretty joy!
    Sweet joy, but two days old.
    Sweet Joy I call thee:
    Thou dost smile,
    I sing the while;
    Sweet joy befall thee!
    blessings from daniel dn on whidbey.

  4. Dan:
    I was just venturing to your blog after looking up some NT Wright stuff… I have been told numerous times that I ought to meet you but, it looks like you’ll be focussing on the blessing of fatherhood for a while. May he grow in favour with God and man.
    Hope our paths cross soon.

  5. Congratulations Dan… all the best to you, Mel and Charles.
    Also in the randomly generated ‘related posts’ there is one called ‘baby gorilla born in Israel’ I suspect this is some kind of a sign.

  6. i’m very happy for you dan. kids change ones perspective that is for sure. enjoy the bliss and take every moment you can to soak little charles up and love on your wife. i’ll call you by the end of the week.

  7. Belated congrats, Dan. It is strange isn’t it? Your child has come into the world the same way billions of other humans have. Nothing could be more common. Yet somehow each is still uniquely miraculous.
    Charles, you are blessed! May God’s spirit fill your tiny heart!