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Book Giveaway — Philosophy

Well, congrats to Gideon who won the last draw.  This time around I’ll be giving away a set of books related to philosophy.  There are some pretty big shooters in this round so don’t miss out.  As usual, all you need to do is leave a comment expressing interest and I’ll randomly draw a winner.  Also as usual, you need to want all the books (and some or all of the books are used).  Here are the books:
1. A Kierkegaard Anthology edited by Robert Bretall;
2. Derrida and Religion: Other Testaments edited by Yvonne Sherwood & Kevin Hart;
3. Wittgenstein by G. H. von Wright;
4. Philosophical Writings of Peirce edited by Justus Buchler;
5. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn;
6. Science of Knowledge by J. G. Fichte.

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  1. i would very much like to just have a chance
    @ Derrida and Religion please. Have you reviewed this book here anywhere?
    obliged, daniel

  2. Oh, sorry, i didn’t read closely enough, guess i have to go all in, well ok, count me in for all, and if providence blesses me with the whole passle i will be glad to pass on the others to those who would like them at my expense, obliged, daniel

  3. First time responding to one of this givaways; these are all very interesting books! I’ll throw my hat in. Thanks for the generosity.