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Well, since today is Earth Day…

I decided to go online and figure out what my “carbon footprint” is (cf. To my surprise, I discovered that I release approximately 4.196-4.206 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air every year. Dear me.
Naturally, I was concerned about this, and I explored some of the ways in which I could “offset” this carbon footprint. It turns out that planting six (6) trees a year is all I need to do.
Now then, seeing as I planted about 200,000 trees when I was working up north (to pay for my undergrad), I discovered that I'm set for about 33,333 and 1/3 years. Dear me.
Naturally, I was appalled to discover that I've overdone things by about 33,253 and 1/3 years, so I'll have to find some ways to release a lot more carbon dioxide. If anybody would like to help me purchase a few SUVs, fly around the world, or set fire to a few oil wells, I'd be deeply grateful.

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