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Thesis Title

So, I think I’ve finally settled on a working title for my thesis:
“Apocalyptic Eschatology and the Subversion of Empires: Reading Paul in New Creation Communities”.
Damn, that sounds good to me!  Who wouldn’t want to read something with that title?

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  1. After April I’ll have much more time on my hands – and I would be honoured to read a draft. I can always start before then, so send it when you are done, but probably won’t get through it (full time work and full time phD at the same time!). I honestly look forward to reading your thesis, Dan.

  2. i think instead you should go with: “Apocolypse Now”. Or “How journeying with those in exile caused me to bust my ankle”. Or “Subvert this, bitch”. Or, “The Subverted Empire Strikes Back”. Just trying to be helpful. Miss you heaps. wish you were coming out here for new years and xmas.

  3. Bryan:
    Hey! You blogging again? Great to see you popping up over here, and I hope all is well.
    “Apocalypse Now” would actually be a really fitting title — really fitting. But I might get into some serious shit if I tried to publish with that name. I don’t know how things like that work.
    Also, “The Subverted Empire Strikes Back” would make a great section or subsection heading. So, keep the ideas coming, they are quite helpful!
    Miss you heaps, too. Much love.

  4. I vote for any of Jude’s suggestions, but am particularly fond of the “…bust my ankle” one. It made me laugh out loud and scare the cats.