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New Blog

I have decided to switch to a wordpress blog from my old livejournal account.  I’m still in the midst of importing all my old posts (alas, I lose all 3000+ comments!), and I’m also figuring out how to negotiate this server… so bear with me.  I may have a few book-smarts, but I certainly do not have the computer-smarts!

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  1. Hey, no offense… but the comments are often the best part (especially mine of course!). I’d be happy to help you re-enter some of them under the orginal name of the commenter and some bogus e-mail.

  2. Dany,
    I agree regarding the comments, and I’m working on saving some of them on my computer before I close down my LJ account. However, I don’t have much time for the tedious process of re-entering them here. Moreover, although I appreciate your offer, I doubt you have the time either.
    Of course, if you’re really keen to transfer some comments over, then I say go for it, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. i think it’s your lousy photo cropping skills that account for the slanting horizon. pay up, bucko.
    also, why am i not on your blogroll? am i not smart enough? i’d kick your ass in a discussion of pop culture.