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Not that I know anything about this stuff, but I reckon that, if the global markets were to crash and we were to be heading for some sort of Great Depression at some point in the future then… well… then it makes sense for the Spirit to begin stirring now-ish in order to create communities of Christians who are learning how to share the basic elements of life, who are economically dependent upon one another, who are making connections across national boundaries, and who are trying to bridge the gap between the West and the Rest of the world.

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  1. Dear Dan,
    In case you’re interested…
    My husband and I, before we were married, lived on a christian community in northern British Columbia. It was a self suffiecient organic farm, and is where we also went to college. There are many of these communities all accross the world. Sadly, many people have left due to some abuse of power, politics, etc. There is a large one in Maine where we visit, but it is not self sufiecient.
    These communities were started about 40 years ago for the very reasons you mentioned. People wanted to learn how to live together, to be self sufficient, work off the land. I loved it. I wanted to live there forever, but left due to some of the reasons I mentioned above. I miss living in community and trusting each other for survival.
    Some of those communities are left abandoned with many empty buildings, lots of fertile land, and no one to live there. My husband and I talk a lot about going back now that we have the “know how” to live with 100+ people, and live self sufficiently. Strange that now when there is the most need for this sort of thing, there are a lack of people.

  2. The world is headed for disaster but I also believe headed to the days when the church will be humbled and brought back to our purpose.
    As we see the nations fall, we’ll see the mega ministries fall and the prosperity doctrines that have seduced the masses into believing in such horrible selfish ways. We will then learn to love our neighbor as we are humbled and repent and are brought back to our senses, the Lord will open our eyes, and He will come and reign…and the world will be filled with His glory as Scripture tells
    A coming Great Depression?…we’ve been in one for years and it has nothing to do with economics.

  3. Bring it. We need a little chaos in the comfortable places to shake shit up.
    May we be humbled and learn a little more about Jesus’ upside-down kingdom that you so often talk about.
    Peace to you Dan.