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  1. As part of my return to the world of blogging, I have to say that the Gogol Bordello concert that I attended in Toronto a few months back was the best live show I have ever seen.

  2. dan! why does this not surprise me? gogol is coming to san francisco soon, i thought about checking them out. but i don’t know anyone else that listens to them besides you. i also don’t want to break my own ankle. damn, dan. hope the prescription meds are working for you. way to get your preggo wife to wait on you.

  3. Ha! Neither did I. After I broke my ankle, I went and sat at a table for another fifteen minutes because I wanted to hear the rest of the concert (before going to the hospital).
    Mind you, that decision may have been more heavily influenced by the booze than by any toughness I might or might not possess.