in Tall Tales


I don’t know what it means to “maintain perspective” anymore. Indeed, when I think about the perspective that I used to have on things like evil, suffering, and risk-taking, then it could quite easily be argued that I have “lost perspective.” But which perspective have I lost, and which have I gained? After all, it is not as if I have no perspective now; it’s just that my perspective has, over the last half dozen years of journeying alongside of those on the margins of society, shifted quite radically (and I suspect that it will continue to do so).
How is one to know if one has become enlightened or if one has become blind? And, since the chances are that both enlightenment and blindness have occurred in various ways, how is one to discern where and how each has occurred?
I would be very interested in hearing how others answer these questions as they examine their own lives. Any takers?

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