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Seven Theses

Just an unformed idea that I've been thinking about researching:
(1) As the Church universal became increasingly corrupt, the nation state arose and was offered as the true society and that which held salvation.
(2) As the nation state became increasingly corrupt, the nuclear family became increasingly the focus of social interaction and well-being.
(3) As the nuclear family became increasingly corrupt, the individual became the focus of life (that is now lived in a state of “homelessness” and solitude).
(4) Individualism leads to nihilism and the collapse of meaning.
(5) The movement from the corruption of the Church to the State to the family to the nihilism of individualism was the inevitable outworking of a single trajectory. That is to say, as soon as the church collapses all other social bodies are bound to fail and we will only be left alone,homeless, and in the pursuit of ever-elusive meaning.
(6) Therefore, the solution to today's nihilistic individualism is not to be found in a return to focusing on the family or focusing on being good citizens. The solution is found in returning to and restoring the Church and allowing the body of Christ to function as the Christian social body.
(7) I am not arguing for some sort of Christian State or Constantinian utopia, I am simply arguing that the Church is the polis for Christians. The nation state, and even the nuclear family, are simply parodies and perversions of the Church.

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