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Hard Words from Slavoj Zizek

“It is also crucial to bear in mind the interconnection between the Decalogue… and its modern obverse, the celebrated 'human Rights'. As the experience of our post-political liberal-permissive society amply demonstrates, human Rights are ultimately, at their core, simply Rights to violate the Ten Commandments. 'The right to privacy' — the right to adultery, in secret, where no one sees me or has the right to probe my life. 'The right to pursue happiness and to possess private property' — the right to steal (to exploit others). 'Freedom of the press and of the expression of opinion' — the right to lie. 'The right of free citizens to possess weapons' — the right to kill. And, ultimately, 'freedom of religious belief' — the right to worship false gods.”
~ The Fragile Absolute — or, why is the christian legacy worth fighting for?

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