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Which Father's Footsteps?

I know of two.
There is the Father in heaven. The Father defined by self-giving love. The Father of life that is only known as “Father” because he is the Father of the Son.
And then there is the other on earth. The Father defined by hurt. The Father too broken to realise that, despite his best intentions, he was only breaking others.
Into the image of one of these two I must grow. It is only through being in the Son that I too can be a child of the former. Reject the Son and there is no hope of being with, or emulating, that Father. Reject the Son and I journey in the footsteps of the latter.
No, I will not become the latter. Nor will I fool myself into thinking I can become like the former in any other way except through the Son.
Whatever else we choose to think of Jesus we must recognise that he himself makes this clear.

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