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Suggested Further Reading

Well, I'm going to step outside of my regular writings and suggest a few blogs to those who read mine. There are some pretty serious Christian scholars blogging these days and so, for those who are interested, I'll list a few of their sites. Ben Witherington is a New Testament scholar of some caliber. He teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary. This is the blog of James K.A. Smith a theologian with special interest in postmodernism and another movement known as radical orthodoxy. He teaches at Calvin College. Joel Garver is Christian philosopher. He teaches at La Salle University. Recently made a Bishop in the Methodist Church Will Willimon is a leading figure in pastoral issues. Prior to this he was the chaplain (and also a prof) at Duke University. This dude is a pastor and an author with a special interest in Christian origins and contemporary cultural issues. He currently serves in a Presbyterian Church in California. This is the blog of Scot McKnight. Scot is a New Testament scholar with an interest in the Emerging Church (non)movement. He teaches at North Park University. This blog belongs to Doug Groothuis who is a philosophy prof at Denver Seminary. I love his bio: “Professor of Philosophy and the author of ten books. He has been in a bad mood since 1998. Some would say longer.”
And finally: This is Eric's blog. He's a web-programmer who talks a helluva lot of theology. He constantly saves my ass when other people trash talk me on my blog and, if you read my blog, you should read his.

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