in Poetic Prose

Judah, my Brother

A swirl, an ebb and flow, a blend of joy and sorrow. Reds and golds and browns and the air that freezes in my mouth. The first sharp intake of breath.
Broken fingers painting pictures of beauty and love out-poured.
He speaks of things we do not understand but his eyes are bright and bottomless. The sky inverted and the sun upon his face. Earth upon his fingertips.
The water swirls and calls the names of loved ones. The rock splits and the world is shaped anew.
And I am not afraid. No, I am not afraid to laugh or to weep. To live and to love. At times limping, at times failing, yet ever assured of identity and the company I keep.
This then is the life abundant. Reaching for heaven and plumbing the depths of hell. Embracing light and darkness. Confident, whether I can see the steps that follow or whether I’m stepping into the unknown.
Come alive, come alive beautiful one.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

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