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Flashes of Conversation

“You see that's when I realised… we don't just love even though we know others will disappoint us. We love knowing that we will disappoint others.”
– JS
“Do I believe in universalism? Do you want my honest answer or my sugar-coated answer? …Okay, well, I think God fucks us over so much in this life that we better all be getting something good after it all ends. I mean look at what's going on is Asia. 150,000 people just died… because of a fucking wave. And really that's just the latest in a string of rather atrocious events that have occurred on this planet. And I want to believe in universalism but I can't make it match with the Bible. I'm trying hard to reconcile the God of the Bible, the God of history, with the God I see in Jesus. I like the God that is revealed in Jesus but he doesn't seem to align with the rest of the Bible – or with experience. Experience seems to align with a God who doesn't mind indulging in a good ol' kill-fest every now and again. I don't know… I sort of feel like I'm in a battle for my life and I hope to win but I don't know if I will.”
– MT
“You are different though. Your faith actually does dictate everything about your life. And that does make you different than most Christians who think it determines their live but keep on living like everybody else. Your relationship with Jesus determines your school. It determines what the career you're looking for. Even when it comes to loving people, you love them through Jesus.”
– TT

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