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Intelligence Does Not Equal Wisdom

Intelligent Christians are often the most dangerous.
Christians who have excelled in a particular discipline (Law, Engineering, Computer Science, whatever) often assume that they are equally qualified to speak authoritatively on matters of scripture or faith. Sure maybe they got gold stars in Sunday school, heck, maybe they even kicked a little ass in youth group Bible studies, but that certainly does NOT qualify them to assume they have a superior understanding of scripture or faith. Maybe they can form arguments that sound more persuasive, or appear more convincing than most people they encounter (maybe they're even more convincing than… drum roll… their pastor!) but, once again, this doesn't mean that they are right.
In fact, they are often quite wrong. And the consequences of their actions are often quite devastating (it's tempting to think all the Christians who support Bush are just high school drop-outs but we all know that's not true).
Now I'm not saying that all Christians need to throw their brains out the window when it comes to matters of faith. I'm actually saying the opposite. Christians need to treat their faith with the same respect that they treat the other disciplines. Christians need to start giving more credit to those who are scholars in the field of faith. Of course the fact that most Christians don't even have a clue about who such scholars are just shows how little respect they have (and the fact that people like Tim LaHaye or Bruce Wilkinson are considered experts is another shining proof).
Okay, you got straight-As in university. That's great, congratulations. Just don't assume that means you know anything about the Bible… or God… or the faith you profess to follow.

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