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Conversations with my eyes closed and the candle burning Low

“You know it's got to be this personal relationship thing that you talk about because that's the only chance I have. I can't count on others, I just can't. The man who abused me was the holiest man I knew. I just can't bow my head, I can't cross my hands, I can't even listen to the kind of language. It triggers me. When I talk about God it's like something deep inside of my chest doesn't even want to say the word. It's like something tearing, weighing on me, I can barely talk about it. No, the only chance I have is what you're talking about.”

“Prayer, it's more about a conversation, more about just talking openly with somebody, it's not about formulas or right words. It's like talking to a person.”
“So when I yell at God and say, “Why the fuck did you let all this happen to me?” that's more of a real prayer?”
“Yes! Exactly, that's the most genuine kind of prayer.”

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