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Untitled Poem

A part of me seduced by the siren’s call of self-destruction—

Who has not marveled

At the spectacle of a house ablaze

Casting ash and light into the night

Flooding the street with melted snow

A crystal palace of ice

Catching the first light of the dawn

So much tragedy and gratitude and beauty

So let me be


Tell me, sibling, friend, companion

What brings you relief

And if you have had to seek it

Like an impoverished fool assigned an impossible quest

By a king who was tricked into promising you half his kingdom

Wherein failure

Means that you die


I have never believed less in divine intervention

And I have never concluded so strongly

That only god can save us now

Onward to our doom

Whose only glory will be

The relief that is experienced

By the dead who leave no witnesses to mourn them

Or recall them

Or disturb them



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