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My Daughter Who Delights to Play in the Company of Others

My daughter
Delights to play in the company of others
And she will love you
If you play with her
—–Last night we had a dance-a-thon
—–I nearly died and she nearly died
—–And then we drew pictures
—–Of pumpkins and haunted houses
—–And monsters
—–Who aren’t really all that scary

And my daughter
Was playing with her friend
(She is always delighted to play with her friends)
This boy who is always outside
—–Seeking food and seeking companions
—–But who is also kind and sweet and
—–Who reminds me of a puppy neglected at home
—–Always but always so eager
—–To love and be loved
—–By someone

It was with this friend
My daughter was playing with
My daughter
Who delights to play in the company of others
My daughter
Who will love you if you play with her
But her friend went inside
And his older brother came outside

Sixteen years old
(My daughter is nine)
And he said to her
My daughter who delights in the company of others
—–I really want to see a vagina.
—–Have you seen your brother’s penis?
——Do you play with his balls?
—–What about other boys?
—–Do you look at their penises and play with their balls?
—–And (several times over again)
—–I really want to see a vagina.
—–And then
—–Show me your vagina.
———-(My daughter shook her head no)
—–Come behind this car with me.
———-(My daughter said no)
—–I’m playing with my balls!
—–(Or maybe he said: Come play with my balls!)
———-While standing behind a car in a parking lot
—————A few metres from our home

And my daughter
My nine-year-old daughter
Scootered home
Still saying no
—–Although, later that evening, she told me that what she was actually saying in her head was
—–No, you bastard!
—–No, you bastard!
—–No, you bastard!

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