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Proper Etiquette will be Enforced

Please note: I will now be deleting all comments that I feel engage in too much of a personal attack against other commentators. It's okay to be critical, it's okay to be provocative, but if you're just throwing names around, or playing word games in order to upset people, I will erase what is written — even if you make a decent point in another part of your comment. I will, however, be more willing to leave more controversial comments if you attach your name to the comment. Anonymous comments that attack people will no longer be tolerated. Furthermore, I will have less patience with comments that are left in order to incite other commentators, and I will have more patience with comments that are left in order to incite me.
I mention this because I deleted an anonymous response to Abe's comment on my post entitled “Go Forth in Peace.” For a good example of a provocative comment that doesn't cross the line read Josh's retraction on my post about prostitution (as an aside, I'm still a little disappointed that that post became about me… hello? I was trying to spark thought about prostitution!). For a good example of the type of comment that will no longer be tolerated read Hewson's first comment that sparked this whole… whatever it is.
So those are the “rules.” Sorry, if you don't like them, but then again, if you don't like the rules (or my blog) you don't have to stick around. Of course, I hope you do, maybe we can all learn something from each other… but let's speak “truth” just a bit more lovingly.
Grace and peace.

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