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<i>Absit Omen</i>*

I think we're supposed to be remembering something…
Oh right.
Today let's remember that war is the only way to peace.
Today let's remember that we need to attack a country to defend it… from itself.
Today let's remember that killing people is the only way to set them free.
Today let's remember that we need to sacrifice our children in order to protect them.
Today let's celebrate Hiroshima. Let's raise our glasses to the Enola Gay and thank God for all the lives she saved.
Today let's remember that we need to be willing to do it all again.
Isn't this why Remembrance day was established? Lest we forget.
*Latin saying: May the evil foretold not come to pass.

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  1. I got kind of annoyed because a news channel was talking about a woman who refused to wear a poppy because she felt it represented or glorified war, and I thought that the poppy was meant to be a symbol of peace. Does anyone remember the horrors experienced by an entire generation and the millions of live lost, so that we do not repeat the past and go to war again?

  2. Lest we forget….?
    lest we forget those who fought for what they thought would free future generations, they died for us regardless of whether that was right or not
    lest we forget those who died scared and alone
    lest we forget those who died for a horrible cause
    lest we forget the millions of innocent lives lost
    lest we forget the families who grew up without a father, mother, brother or sister
    lest we forget those who didn’t have a choice
    lest we forget, so we dont allow it to happen again
    Don’t knwo that i really agree with you so much…. I’m not in any way justifying war… it’s undenyably one of the stupidest things to come out of the human race. However i think on rememberance day we need to appreciate that regardless of how ridiculous and pointless war is, alot of soldiers were fighting for their freedom, and to ensure that their future kin could live in a free country… i dont think theres anything shameful in that, in standing up for what you truly believe… however killing obviously isnt the best way to go about doing that. I dont agree with war, i dont think we need to be willing to do it again, but lets not foget the 18 year old boys who didn’t have a choice, lets not forget the families who were never the same, lets not forget the children whos daddy never came home…. lest we forget those who suffered for a horrible cause or were affected by it, rememberance day isnt to dwell on how stupid the world is, its to appreciate those who died defending what they believed in (which im not saying is right) and more importantly to acknowledge that we as a species f’d up big time…so let’s embrace that, so that we can prevent it from happening again.